Petting Zoo Blues

The Capp family are the proud owners of ‘Noah’s Park’, the city’s oldest petting zoo. Their bitter rivals, the Monty’s came later to the petting zoo game, and ‘Zora’s Extreme Petting Zoo’ became all the rage. Recently the youngest of each family have just met and secretly fallen in love, and now must find a way to escape a pandemic lockdown and their feuding families to be together.

Lies, deceit, resentment, revenge, murder, and mayhem.  If they seem to be familiar themes, that’s because history keeps repeating itself.

‘Petting Zoo Blues’ is a  puppet tragic comedy in 12 short episodes.

Pay What You Want

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for children? No. Nope. Not good for children. Not even a little.

Why the ‘Pay What You Want’ model? We had many people ask if they could donate more to the theatre than the highest ticket price and our web guy was having challenges with math and stuff. Also, and more importantly, we really want to share what we’ve created and reduce the barrier to entry.

When are you going back to live shows? When it is safe for our audience, performers, staff, and volunteers to do so, and not one moment sooner.

  • Episode 1 “A Virus On Both Your Houses”
  • Episode 2 “Some Cupids Kill With Arrows Some With Capps”
  • Episode 3 “The Course of Teen Love Never Did Run Smooth”
  • Episode 4 “It Is A Tale Sold To An Idiot”
  • Episode 5 “Nothing Will Come Of Something”
  • Episode 6 “Misery Acquaints Humans With Strange Bedfellows”
  • Episode 7 “Get Three to a Nunnery”
  • Episode 8 “We Have Seen Better Ways”
  • Episode 9 “Romi, Romi! Wherefore Art Thou Romi?”
  • Episode 10 “To Be, Or Not To Be—Is That A Question?”
  • Episode 11 “Cry Havoc And Let Rip The Dogs Of War”
  • Episode 12 “Lord, What Mortals These Fools Be”