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The Original Live Radio Broadcast of Chrismoose Carol Live On Stage will be performed with the vocal stylings of Loose Moose regulars Rob MitchelsonJennifer Lynn BainKen Gardener and Dennis Cahill, who will each perform numerous roles usually associated with this story, and some which are not. Our foley artist is Michael Dargie, with musical accompaniment from Ellis Lalonde.

Special thanks to John Legare for his audio expertise and helping us capture this show in a way we can share it with you.

The Moose is back with live performances of Chrismoose Carol!

In 2020 while updating our archives we ran across an obscure silent film version from 1919 that appeared to be the inspiration for Loose Moose Theatre’s first version of Chrismoose Carol. However, due to COVID restrictions we were only able to offer Chrismoose Carol – 1919 online. At the same time we found the silent film we also came across a radio script of Chrismoose Carol from the 1930s.

Listen and Download Here:

  • Friday, December 17, 2021 by Loose Moose Theatre Company
  • Saturday, December 18, 2021 by Loose Moose Theatre Company
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When are you going back to live shows? We are back with “The Original Live Radio Broadcast of CHRISMOOSE CAROL Live on Stage” As for other shows in 2022 we ask that you bookmark our main theatre website as we will be updating all things “LIVE THEATRE” related there.

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Please enjoy last year’s Silent Film Production/Restoration of “Chrismoose Carol 1919”

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“Chrismoose Carol 1919” Trailer
“Chrismoose Carol 1919” Full Film